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After the Sun Goes Down.

When the sun goes down
its time to get out on the town!
Some people go to have fun,
others take their gun!
Fooling around
all over town.
Get in a fight
in the middle of the night!
Pulled the trigger and didn't stop
until you heard someone yell "Here comes a cop!"
Feel like a race
'til cop join in the chase.
Run into a road block
and knew it was too late to stop.
Slam on the brake,
big mistake!
Cops take you in
where you've already been.
Go to Juvenile Hall
and have a ball.
Judge slapped you on the back with a smile
and said be good, for a while!
Over and over it happens again!
You don't care 'cause you always win.
Not this time!
You won't get out 'til your prime!
Your there for life
without your wife.
Ha! You pimp,
you're such a wimp!
You say you are brave
but you're really afraid.
That gun's not a toy
and you where just a boy.
Up for parole!
Will they let you go?
Heck no!
You won't ever get out and on the go.
No one left to pay your bail?
You might as well go to hell.

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