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Life in the "Big City"!

Me and my brother were walking down the street,
there was some of our gang we were going to meet.
A gun went off,
and some guys ran off,
but there my brother laid,
and with his life he paid.
For being in a gang, he paid his life,
leaving a kid and a wife.
Now he's gone,
and I'm left to tell them whatís wrong!
Do you know how hard it is
to tell a three-year-old kid
that his daddy's dead
because he got shot in the head?
Tell me that, if you please,
when you get down on bended knees,
to look a little child in the eye,
and try not to cry!
It's just another gang member dead,
but don't let it go to your head!


Preachers are a special thing,
they preach to us and sometimes sing.
They tell us of His word as He would have them do
so we will know of His power too.
They preach loud and long
but thatís not wrong.
They tell us of his love
sent down from above.
They tell us of how he sent his only son, Jesus
to die and save us.

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