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  A Taste of My Rainbow!
The Game

With my love, I took a chance,
Only you werenít looking for romance.
So Iíll pick up the pieces of my heart,
And try to make a brand new start.
Did you ever care about me?
Or just who you thought I would be?
You played with my emotions, just like a toy,
And my trust you destroyed.
Unlike you, I wonít play this game.
My life will never be the same.

His Eyes

Eyes the color of the sky on a clear spring day,
and like the sun dances on the waves
so dances the laughter in his eyes.

Deep in those eyes I can see true knowledge
that he is afraid to show.

With a smile so sexy it can melt a heart of stone,
he is the most handsomest boy I know,
but he is only a boy . . . for a man would welcome the love a true woman shows.

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